Why call you no answer?

SG Recycle receives spam and robo-calls just like you. We have ceased taking phone calls and will continue to support our users through WhatsApp text only to 86664747. Alternatively, you can fill in our form below or email ask@sgrecycle.com.

What items are accepted at SG Recycle stations?

SG Recycle stations currently accept non-contaminated general wastepaper, old magazines & books, as well as corrugated carton boxes. Please flatten the boxes before depositing. We also accept textile and non-regulated e-waste.

What rewards are available to SG Recycle users?

For every 1 kg of wastepaper deposited, users receive 5 SG Recycle points. Users can redeem 1,000 SG Recycle points for S$10 via PayNow and FAST Bank Transfer. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Withdrawal will take up to 7 days to process.

What is the minimum weight of wastepaper to deposit? 

The minimum weight of wastepaper is 100 g. Rewards are based on the weight of the wastepaper deposited.

What should I do if the SG Recycle station is full?

SG Recycle stations are fitted with smart sensors that track bin capacity. Once it exceeds 100% capacity, our collection team is triggered for collection within the next 48 hours. You can check the bin status on our SG Recycle App.

Where can I find SG Recycle stations?

You can find SG Recycle locations on our website or through our SG Recycle App. On app, you can search for the specific bin type using SGP for paper, SGT for textiles, and SGEW for e-waste.

Please note that SG Recycle is not responsible for any personal/private information printed on paper waste being deposited into our bins.

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