Vincent Quck

Vincent Quck is a fast learner and a versatile professional who loves to take on new challenges and tasks. He is passionate about finding eco-friendly solutions to various types of waste, such as food, paper, plastic, metal, and e-waste. He is currently a business development executive at SG Recycle, a social enterprise that provides recycling solutions for paper waste using smart machines and vehicles.

He is also involved in other recycling businesses, such as Virogreen Ecofeed, which turns food waste into animal feed, and Virogreen Global Logistics, which transports and recycles e-waste. He has a background in engineering, business, and design, and has worked in various sectors, such as property development, interior design, construction, and IT. He is outgoing and easy to chat with, and loves to share his knowledge and experience in the recycling industry. You can learn more about him on LinkedIn and vCard below.


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